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Water Management Solutions

Water is the lifeblood of your industry.  Maximising the efficient use and ensuring that the quality is what it needs to be is essential.


We use a wide range of off the shelf and custom hardware to monitor and control level.  Receive alerts when you run low or if you overflow, and have visibility of your what water you have and where it is.


Monitor whether you have flow or not, and receive automated reporting of historical use - ideal for ensuring compliance with irrigation license requirements.  In pipe, or vee-notch weir measurement is available.


Salinity, pH, ORP and more can be measured and monitored / recorded.  Ensure that the water you use for irrigation, human consumption, and livestock watering is of adequate quality.


We have delivered control solutions for RO and AWT systems of all sizes and have strategic alliances with several suppliers of complete systems.  Best of all, you can monitor these on the same platform you use to look at the rest of your operation. 

Irrigation Control

Schedule when pumps start and stop, and valves open and close manually or based on recent rainfall history or soil moisture sensor feedback.  Send water where you need it, when you need it, and save money in the meantime.

Soil Moisture

How far below your boots is your irrigation?  Know how much water is in your soil, and when and how much to irrigate.  Reach optimum yield with less water and pumping costs.

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