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ColdChain Data Logger

Ensures safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods and products along the supply chain.  Provides complete cold chain visibility to protect perishable goods in storage warehouses and transport. Robust, waterproof, and wireless design for direct placement into storage and transport units. Safe for use in dishwashers.


SimplySense Temperature Monitoring

Automate temperature monitoring with SimplySense. This plug-and-play solution is trusted by hospitals, hotels, and food service providers worldwide. Get real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts for around-the-clock asset protection and regulatory compliance.  An audit trail and log of temperatures ensures that you comply with food safety regulations and gives you peace of mind when you're away from your premises.


Cryogenic Temperature

Protects valuable assets from risks associated with equipment failure or power outage.  Automatically logs freezer temperature data to ensure viability and safety.  Eliminates unreliable manual temperature recording and automates data reporting accurately to improve regulatory compliance. The temperature measurement range is -50°C to +105°C.


HVAC Filter Monitoring

Measures differential pressure in the range of 25Pa to 5000Pa with 0.1% accuracy, up to 7 calibrated ranges. Long term stability ±0.1% FSS. Transmits data up to 16km. Ideal for monitoring HVAC/VAV filters, building/room pressure, duct pressure, greenhouse pressure, hospital and clean room pressure, fume hoods, and data centers.


HVAC Modbus

A wireless Modbus sensor attached to your HVAC system allows for easy and cost-effective integration of HVAC data into building management systems.



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