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Gates and Electric Fences

Gate and Electric Fence Monitoring

Managing livestock is impossible without adequate fencing to ensure optimum animal performance and welfare, to provide a safe environment for workers, and to deter vermin and thieves.  Gates are a weak link in any fence, so it's important to ensure that they are closed when they need to be.  Gates and electric fences can be easily monitored and alerts provided to give you peace of mind.  

Gate Monitoring

Sliding gates, swinging gates, single gates, dual gates, latches, catches, bolts, and a huge range of installation methods mean that not too many gates are the same.  Regardless of the type of gate, it's no use when it's not closed or open when it needs to be.  A combination of odd the shelf hardware can be used to provide feedback on the position of just about any type of gate.

Electric Fence Monitoring

Australian Standard AS/NZS 3014:2003 governs electric fence energisers and limits their output to a high voltage pulse (typically 8000 volts), every 1-2 seconds.  Despite this high voltage, there is very little energy behind the pulses, and it doesn't take much to render an electric fence useless, usually placing your most valuable livestock at risk.

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